Who is the most powerful person on earth?

I most certainly believe that many are those who will be naming some of the high-profile figures portrayed by the media and making world headlines. I guess some will suggest political head of states while others will name celebrities in the showbiz or sports arena. Many will of course associate their answers with the financial assets these so-called “powerful people” posses; others will also base their answers on some sort of influence these powerful men exert on others to get their opinions accepted or their interests guaranteed.
You don’t need to be a head of state of the most powerful country on the planet nor an oligarch with billions of dollars to be the most influential person in the world. Have you ever realised that the most powerful and influential person in the world is nobody else but yourself?
As soon as one discovers, realises and maximizes their potentials they become the most influential person in their kind. In actual facts most of these “most powerful” people are those who really fall in this category of men and women who have delivered out their greatness in the form of using their talents and gifts with excellence.

In fact each and everyone were born with a seed of greatness to make a difference in this world in order to make it a better place than they found it. All you need is that kind of self-awareness accompanied with the boldness to stand out from the crowd and do things differently no matter what the opposition could be. Imagine you are specialised in stone carving business. When lined up with other people in the same trade, each one will show their uniqueness which will make them so special. You need to believe in yourself. Believe in your ability that you too are able to do great things. It doesn’t matter the scale, the amount, the size of what you deliver, as long as you are doing your best to the best of your ability.

The beauty and the richness of the point I am making lies in the interdependence of each other. Because we all are good at something that makes us special and unique, we depend from each other in everything. Even a head of state for instance will need a best cook to get them nice meal on the table. That cook is so special to the head of state that he or she will do everything to keep him or her and provide them with special care. Isn’t it wonderful to see how powerful this cook is? He or she is so special though they are not the attention of everybody.
We are far from recognising that interdependence. Instead, we live in a world where the establishment sets certain standards conforming people to view things in a way acceptable to everyone. This type of conformity already nominates who should be considered as powerful in the society and casts out the remainder. Time has come that we should think laterally and provocatively outside the box.


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