The Congolese cause

One thing that I learned from the “Cyrus Call” documentary was that one said that the Zionists were supported to gain the land of Palestine, with those countries such as Britain, France, Germany (The Austro-Hungarian Empire) and Russia, but each one of these looking their own interests. But when they (Zionists) took initiative to get involved themselves, things changed.
It’s a great lesson for us Congolese looking to regain the full sovereignty of our land, we have to make effort to be involved in every area of the society, and thus wherever we are, in order to widely influence our cause.

Deeply rooted causes

I believe the suffering we are witnessing in the Congo is far beyond what we think as factual historical events that are more superficial indeed. The truth lies within the depth of the core spiritual realm that cannot be solved by the mere means of humans. Though the humans play that important role to changing their destiny, we have to recognise that this needs to be addressed with more spiritual enlightenment that only God can reveal to men and enabling them to winning once for all the long and enduring battle.
One would think and say “how and why those concerned (Congolese) are being petrified as though hypnotised by a force and neutralising them from every action?” Yes we recognised that the influence is far beyond our capacity to act but at the same time it’s in our own hands to start working for a better outcome. And we will make it.
I acknowledge that we all have different opinions, strategies, and tactics about liberating our nation. I do democratically encourage those raising their voices to denounce what is wrong and trying by their own means to get justice done. We are seeing here battles with different fronts. Certain people aim at temporary and short term solutions such as regime change. I can see this as a quick but a weak fix of the global and complex problem that has affected our land for over a century.

Fight of ideas, not against men

Few can fathom what is hidden beyond the every day visible scene. Some people may want to tackle and challenge the monstrous political system by targeting individuals rather than the system itself. Yet what sustain a system is not men but ideas, ideologies, philosophy, etc. We should not fight against men in order to change the situation in the Congo but our focus should be on changing our thinking system. In fact, every physical and visible manifestation always starts in form of invisible thoughts or imagination. As a nation, what has gone in our minds for decades had affected and is still affecting and will affect generations to come if we don’t tackle this decaying core problem. To paraphrase what Zig Zigllar said: “you are where you are and what you are because of what has gone in your mind. But you can change where you are and what you are by changing what is going into your mind”. So, now and today is the time to start changing what is going in our minds as a society, as a nation. Though it will take time, efforts and sacrifices but it is worth it. It’s for the best interest of generations to come. It is a tree we are planting and may be and I’m pretty sure, some of us won’t be able to harvest its fruits in our lifetime. But it is worth starting and working now. An African proverb says: “The time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the best time is today.” An adage says: ‘men pass but institutions remain’. The transformation of our minds starts with little daily steps and disciplines we self impose individually that will affect our whole lives in the years to come. Though certain people like me are far from our mother land, yet we can play a major role to transforming our society.

A lasting legacy?

This is the heritage I dare leaving today, in hoping for a better future for my country men. No wonder why I’m writing this in English. Knowing we are living in an English speaking country where we already have children speaking English, it is worth even reaching them in order to let one know that this vast and beautiful land however destroyed is a promising and will still remain a promised land for them too. As mentioned earlier on, we are facing a battle with multiple fronts, but the one I am stressing here is the one that we have to work upon ourselves as individuals. There is one truth: we may not change a system in our life time because of its external nature. But there is one thing I strongly believe we can change: ourselves. I truly believe that there is a dynamic power change that revolves within each of us. Each and everyone have a natural responsibility to act upon something meaningful. I know most certainly that we cannot all be specialists in one single area. We cannot all improvise ourselves to become politicians in order to winning this noble cause. I cannot even encourage such endeavour to anyone for it is dangerously disastrous for a nation. But one thing that I am confident to say is that each one of us is born with a seed of greatness trapped in them manifested in form of gifted talents. Through their talents people can do amazing things and influence a specific audience. It’s true that a leader emerges when he or she discovers what they were born to do and when they act responsibly upon their purpose and focus on it. Such individual with a developed mindset becomes unstoppable, unshakable and difficult to be influenced. There is one undeniable asset that all my fellow patriots already potentially posses: the love of their country. Yet, as a nation we lack of a strong and dynamic leadership susceptible to streamline this patriotic movement towards its destiny. The lack of this awaited leadership is characterised by a widespread absence of self-consciousness amongst people and the so called “leaders”. Unless individually and collectively, we admittedly identify our unconscious incompetence and act upon it, opportunities for change will always pass by and nothing will happen. Recognising your weaknesses doesn’t mean showing signs of weakness. The threats and challenges we are facing in this moment and time should not lead us to give up but on the contrary we should translate them into opportunities to go forwards. It’s an insult for us to weep, moan and complain endlessly that our dear land is “being taken away” or “being sold”…In fact it’s through that weak and negative mindset that we give away our sovereignty to others. We should get rid of that defeated mentality and clothe ourselves with the one of the giants. We are truly the giants in disguise. It’s true that ‘nothing is truly yours until you understand it; even yourself’. The emphasis should be on individual mindset development. Each and everyone should do a self-analysis, identify their weakness and change their way of thinking. I believe that the revolution should start from within each individual, once one becomes self-conscious of their weakness in order to turn this weak spot to mighty weapon that could catapult you to your highest level ever. There is no enemy from outside that can do us more harm than the one from inside, the enemy from ourselves: namely our negative and poor mentality. We are the only ones to fight that internal enemy. Up until we change our mindset and become self-conscious of our greatness and potential and do something about it, we will always be subdued to foreign powers. We will keep blaming others but ourselves. I am really aware of the suffering my people have been subject to throughout the years. But time has come for each and everyone discover themselves and rise up and shake the shame we have been clothed with for so long and do things we are good at individually for a collective change. William Nonge


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